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275px-DOSBox_screenshot emulator
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Many people are searching for iOs emulator. The emulators are also useful when you want to run an ios app on the windows platform. It has always been a point of talk because while you use a best ios emulator for windows pc , you needn’t to buy any device for it. You can easily install any good ios emulator on your computer and get the benefits of ios.

It is really good alternative of buying an ios device. IT gives you complete liberty and also saves your money that you can invest somewhere else.

I develop the ios applications for my clients. So it doesn’t get possible to test the developed ios apps on my own device. I use them only on Ios emulators and get the feel of using one app on different ios based device like ipad, iphone, etc.

It really gives me full freedom. I can apply different variations on the app and check how the app behave in the different environments.

You can also use the different ios emulators if you don’t want to buy an ios app or having financial issue. In my opinion, those can be a good option for you.  You can download ios emulator from the given link.


3 Essential Tips of Successful Guest Posting Campaign


Guest posting is my favourite link building technique. It gives me lots of quality links in a great way.

However, we need to be patient with guest posting because it all depends on the mood of webmaster or blog owner that he or she will accept our post or not.

So each time we need to follow some simple tips If you want to be satisfied with the guest posting.


Build the Relations with the Blogger:

Having strong relations with the influence increases your chance of being featured on his or her blog. To improve the connections, you need to behave like a real human being. Don’t behave like a chamcha. If you compliment for anything, it should look natural otherwise, marketers don’t have to work harder to catch your tricks. Ask them question regarding their work done so far. They will oblige it for sure.


Analyze closely to the blog which you want to blog on. Sometimes, it happens that you want to write a blog which only writes blogs on marketing and you are submitting the article of jewellery designing. This way you are wasting your time and marketers too. Don’t be foolish and offer the guest post in the same niche.

Read the best example of guest blogging:


After everything is done correctly, WE don’t send the emails in the right manner. Don’t be so frank with the receiver. You have to follow the rules and regulations every time.

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How to Create Shareable Content that Your Readers Love

How to Create Shareable Content

Content is always the best source to get the real love of your readers. You cannot create the best content that readers share.

I think- Most of you don’t know how to create such content that has shared by multiple times. I give you 6 tips to create great content that readers love and share naturally.

  1. Be great at what you do

It’s very crucial to be an expert in the topic you are going to write because it helps to write the deep insights of the topic. You should do deep research before sharing anything on your blog.

  1. Focus on quality

Quality is always my concern. Quality is not the length. The content should be meaningful. If you are stretching over a topic that has only few lines to write, then it may bore your readers.


  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is always necessary because it directs you to write a post targeting the right audience. If you don’t know how to do that, read from here.


  1. Use the Popular things

You should talk on treading topics of your industry. They help readers to be connected with your piece. That will help in making a strong relationship with the readers.

  1. Collect the Answers

You should collect the most frequently answered questions related to your topic. The forums and question and answer sites are the best source to get the queries related to your subject. If you can add them in your post, it will help a lot seriously.

  1. Share it AMAP

To make the content shareable, you must share it with the social media friends. This way, they will get to know that a great piece of content is existing in the internet. Blog commenting is the best way to get the traffic to your blog. You should use it and aware the big bloggers about your content.

Best Seo Tips for 2016

seo tips

Mobile is coming faster than anyone in this million. Most people in this room realize a soon lot a few traffic maybe most a few traffic will be mobile for Google.

I expect our mobile traffic to exceed our desktop traffic in the relatively near future and so if you’re not thinking about mobile update if you haven’t come up with a plan and a strategy for handle mobile.

You really need to make a high priority again get ready for mobile I was on the plane ride up end what I like to do is all you know and I go to the bathroom I walk back might take my notebook and I sort look from here to here and I sort write down little tally of what devices I can saw iPad, one iphone, one Mac laptop, multiple candles, multiple Android, including and look traditional.

Yes, like what the hell over theme you know, up and to traditional PC laptops one of them was the guy next to me who was a Microsoft employee soon that plane ride up to Seattle that was ten mobile devices and three desktops so mobile is coming.

Now it’s you’re more likely to see it on the on a plane but it is coming very quickly so things like making sure your forms in your auto complete performs have very low traction very low friction is easy to do and can radically increase your conversion rates and is really worth thinking about.

So if you haven’t thought about mobile please start thinking about it sites are keeping coming up ranking factor.

Yes, it is a ranking factor in that if you’re not very factual to get penalized. If you have a normal site you don’t need to worry about it.

Sites that are think about a site that takes 20 seconds to respond request that incredibly slow you just hate it they’re going to leave be unhappy that they found the site via Google those are the sorts as I really need speed up but it still in your best interest to make your site is fast and smooth as you can.

Somebody wrote me on Twitter today in like whether your link building strategy Matt and I’d like I post useful things and that my link building strategy and threes a lot of different very into that you know threes all kinds of ways to add value to the web you can be the person who does good analysis you can to the person who writes interesting research the person who takes data and slices it dices and visualize it in a way that no one’s ever seen before are you can have a perspective that no one else is able to really replacing I think about the Walt Mossberg the world you know and you can become what Mossberg overnight but you can build up to it you can buildup to in smaller nations and then build up your topic area more and more and more until people know that you’re the person to go to for use at this product for this area and over and over again and I think this is true for pretty much everybody in the audience it’s easier to be real into fake being real. You should always keyword research for this process. This guarantee number one rankings is quickly coming to an end and at this point it’s easier to just have those of the conversations and do the work and it’s been only on its way because that what stands the test of time and what his white hat link building should I trust companies to advertise that as a service well I link building at the service often tends to be high risk um and not let me just say every pitch every cool that you’ve heard today at this conference can be beaten with creativity if you come up with something compelling that whets the real book that going to make a big differences arm link building a service I was talking to somebody yesterday and he said he was actually trying to build authentic organic links with tracking or he did care about whether theme did want to flip a tricky just like real links and after like three weeks he was able to find a single vendor who is able to like provide that that was not in its payments for a way which is for discouraging arm but is certainly possible to do white hat link building usually it’s called being excellent right there are a lot alike take surge in demand right you broke off from your old site you started fresh and yet now you have a very you know Search Engine Land is known as one the most authoritative places to go on a Web you did Chi you did take shortcuts you went right up the middle and you earned it with sweat and that that the best way to the whaling pulling in my experience sweat plus creativity if you haven’t paid attention with master tools for a little while you might want to circle back around to it awe have done fetch and render is Google bot which is indicative of the fact that we can actually execute JavaScript and AJAX and all that sort of stuff now so you can see a thumbnail love what Google bot actually looks like to Google you know for your site so for my site for example had blocked the CSS and it looks like a pretty text heavy page you could see the design at all and it really does help a few unblock your JavaScript in your Cashed could really are trying to make fetch happen yes we are trying to make that happen and if you don’t unlike your JavaScript and scathe you might miss out because we are getting better and better page understanding and if wearer able to understand your page then you might not get all the full credit the user burden when the ideas behind hummingbird was that we wanted help deal with natural language conversation a lot betters for example all I’ll try to international language searches which probably won’t work as a I think the net is probably mostly dead but okay Google now where is the Space Needle and then we have to seem racing spaced 400 Broad Street Seattle I want to see pictures space who built its pace was designed by Edward cast Victor Stein architect how tall is it space tall show me some restaurants near the rehire sticks restaurants within 0.8 miles how about Italian sure sticks for Italian restaurant 0.9 miles navigate to the first one navigating to the pink door so now that live right now did you think at search in one word yet conversation forgot you think you know I think they should actually I think quality because that encompasses everything that you want.

7 Content Writing Tips You need to Know Each Time

content writing tips

The content of your blog is the actual worth. It is the main thing for the readers come to your blog. If you are having troubles with content writing and unable to impress your readers, then these content writing tips will prove beneficial to you.

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These tips will make changes in your writing style, and you can also write content relating to your readers’ problems.

You will read here the short description of the posts. If you want to get more content writing tips, read this article for sure.

Here is the content writing tips are listed below:

7 Most Powerful Content Writing Tips

  1. Write Compelling Headlines:

Headlines are most interesting part of any content. It directly attracts the readers’ attention. The compelling headlines help in increasing the CTR of the post. If you are ranking for a keyword in Google SERP, then your compelling post headline can enhance your chances to get clicked by the readers.

  1. Create Curiosity:

Creating curiosity is an art. I have seen many blogs like shout me loud on which harsh Agarwal creates curiosity for the readers and keep them reading at the end of the post. I am not that perfect. Nevertheless, I am keep trying to learn this art. If you know how to do it? Can make any post compelling and captivate readers attention.

  1. Small Writing Span:

You writing span should not be longer than usual I.e. the sentence must have some natural breaks and punctuations, so the readers can easily read and understand the content.

Readers are not interested to read long and complex paragraphs, so better to break the long paragraphs into smaller ones increases the readability and you become able to make your readers engaged to the posts.

  1. Write The Way Your Love To Listen

You shouldn’t write the words in your content; the readers aren’t used to. Use the simple words in your content. Don’t use the complex words in the sentences that aren’t common in daily life until there is any compulsion.

  1. Take Rest after Writing

It has seen that bloggers tend to publish the post just after ending writing. You shouldn’t do this. Write today and read tomorrow. It is the best practice to be your critic. If you give a gap, in the same way, you could easily find the mistakes that you did through writing. While you write an article, those mistakes cannot be traced.

  1. Read out Loud

Read your content loudly. It will help you to find out the minor mistakes.

Over to You

Now it’s up to you following or not following these content writing tips. But I am sure if you would follow them then they will give you benefits in the long run.

Before writing a quality post, it is necessary that we research for the appropriate keywords. To know the right way of it, You should read the below post on the keyword research.


5 Things You Should Care About Your Blog While Doing SEO

Things You Should Care About Your Blog While Doing SEO

Well, Seo is a vast process in which we have to care for lots of things. For a loner, it is quite hard to follow all the rules and other things at the same time because each blogger or webmaster may have different problems those they face while this process. Even though, some of the common issues reside in the industry which are same to all. We will focus on the five major things that every marketer should care about.

  1. Publish Consistently:

If you have recently started a blog, then you should be consistent in posing. Either you post daily or will follow a schedule. Mind it; do not compromise with quality of posts in this process. Quality is the great source for building authority in your niche. So please do not leave it out. It will help you to grow your business blog if you are running one.

Read here the post to determine your posting schedule. It is quite interesting article about scheduling for the publishing.

  1. Avoid Over optimization:

The same problem is out running with most of the bloggers. They tend to over optimize the posts or page content. Through the good practice of optimization, you should optimize the content with 1% keyword density. Unfortunately, we are doing very wrong. At some blogs, it has reached to 5%.

Believe me; those bloggers are very close to the red flag by the Google. In my opinion, the keyword which is being used in images, headers, URL, are text content should be accounted while considering for keyword optimization.

You could learn the proper post optimization from here.

  1. Avoid Frequent link building:

If you are still involved in the frequent link building then you should leave as soon as possible. It is not the earlier time of 2012 while spammy or unnatural links are getting the first rank in the Google. After penguin, panda, and the following updates, the effect of black hat power has been null. Be a natural link builder and have the link juice to your blog or website.

  1. Wrong keyword target:

Most of the markets do not follow the right ways of keyword research. Google has provided the best keyword research tool- keyword planner which is pretty much capable of fulfilling the keywords requirements. You can run all the essential operations in it and may get the most profitable keywords.

Learn through this video how to access the keyword planner.

As the better keyword research practice, a marketer should use the long tail keyword rather than going for genetic keywords, like SEO. Most of the big brands are making bat to these generic keywords. It is quite hard to rank for them.

Searching long tail keywords with low search volume may also get you easy ranking in the search engines that you possibly may not get for the generic keywords.

I have seen many marketers who picked any random keyword and started to rank high. It ate their 6 or more months, but they did not get the expected results. So choose your keywords wisely and do not get overwhelmed by only seeing the search count.

There are multiple options to for searching free LT keywords, just use them and search most profitable keywords for your blog.

5 Free Seo Tools for Better Online Promotion

5 Free Seo Tools for Better Online Promotion

Seo is an integral part of online promotion activites. there has been several changes happened into the Seo over the years. However, its importance is similar as it was before few years ago. Seo has become tougher for bloggers and webmasters. Most of the bloggers use Search engine optimization to increase the traffic to their blogs. to assist them, theie are several blogger tools available that reduces the burden of seo activities. In this post, we are listing some free seo tools that assist in optimization activities. The list is as follows:

  1. Majestic Seo:

It is the best tool to spy on the competitor’s backlinks. you simply need to enter the url and with just an enter you can see all the backlinks and may decide your backlink building strategy.

2. Compete:

Compete is an amazing tool to get to know about any website or blog’s traffic. It shows the traffic in an crative way.

3. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

It is very helpful free seo tool that let you know about the over optimized anchor text. simply put your website or blog url and wait till the process ends.

4. Domain Hunter Plus

Domain Hunter Plus is a chrome extension that help you to find out the broken links for any web page. while searching for broken links, you won’t have to leave the browser screen.

5. MozBar:

Mozbar is an azazing chrome extension. It allows you to get DA (domain authority) and (PA) of any webpage. Morever, you can analysis the linked domain to the particular webpage.

These were five amazing free seo tools that soften the seo process for everybody. These tools are very helpful for newbies who do not know how to do Seo effectively for their blogs or websites. You need no any technical knowledge to use them.Just go these tools and put url. In case of extension, you even do not have to do this task.

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Whatsapp for Windows Recently Launched

Whatsapp for Pc
Whatsapp for PC

With more when compared with 700 million month to month lively people, there’s no question which WhatsApp is one of the largest mobile-focused messaging program. Many these kind of people are actually demanding some sort of PC software to the program to be linked with their particular most liked persons even when these people change devices. From very long hold out, WhatsApp provides ultimately unveiled a means to admittance the program on a PC. Nonetheless, there are various disadvantages attached to the item for the reason that software is restricted to your internet browser.

Here are 5 disadvantages connected with WhatsApp for world-wide-web…

1. It does not assistance new iPhone 4: WhatsApp for world-wide-web basically syncs mail messages regarding the smart phone as well as cell phone browser by way of its servers. Presently, the program isn’t going to assistance the new iphone 4. In line with WhatsApp it is struggling to provide the world-wide-web buyer to help iOS people caused by Apple’s podium disadvantages. Reviews suggest who’s expects to support the new iphone 4 later on nevertheless until and then, the use of WhatsApp with an new iphone 4, you will need to peep directly into ones phone each time you have some sort of WhatsApp communication whether or not you happen to be before your laptop.

2. Requirements ones phone being about as well as linked with the net: Immediately after partnering ones smart phone having WhatsApp’s world-wide-web buyer via a QR code graphic, you can actually send out as well as acquire mail messages via ones cell phone browser. But imagine if ones phone seems to lose the data network or even works from demand? Regrettably, the WhatsApp world-wide-web type may also get off-line. Your phone needs to stay linked with the net to the world-wide-web buyer to operate.

3. Isn’t going to assistance surfers other than Yahoo and Google Firefox: WhatsApp’s world-wide-web software merely supports Yahoo and Google Firefox. When you use IE, Safari or even IE, you happen to be from fortune. Quite a few THE ITEM situations prohibit the use of programs not necessarily okay simply by admins. Should you be component of a single as well as can’t use Firefox, you’ll not be capable of use WhatsApp for world-wide-web. WhatsApp’s justification is usually which Chrome’s force technology is way better.

It really is shocking the program will not assistance IE granted Microsoft’s expense throughout Facebook that is the owner of WhatsApp. Likewise, it is value directing away which Yahoo and Google (the designer connected with Chrome) competes immediately having Facebook.

Visit the web to download whatsapp

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Microsoft Office 2016 Revealing Details Leaked

Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft company put on show your a lot awaited, touch-optimized edition regarding Office, although detailing Microsoft windows 10’s fresh characteristics from it’s current occasion. While hint edition regarding Office can be supposed to appear later on inside the year, your Redmond massive has discovered accessibility facts intended for Office 2016.

The office 365 staff put up accessibility information on another big Office replace around the Office Weblog. The actual staff describes it is focusing on Office 2016 as well as desires to produce the idea normally for sale in the next 50 % of 2015.

“We will have additional to talk about on Office 2016 inside the on its way months, although this package will your extensive Office expertise you happen to be extended familiar with, ideal for a PERSONAL COMPUTER along with computer keyboard as well as computer mouse button, ” explained your submit.

The final big discharge regarding Microsoft company Office intended for Microsoft windows ended up being Office 2013, which was introduced on the community with December 2012. With the discharge with the most recent edition, Microsoft company commenced concentrating additional around the subscription-based Office 365 services, that provides Office programs for you to firms as well as house customers.

Even though Microsoft company may expose more details concerning Office 2016 afterwards, the idea advised in which Office intended for Microsoft windows 10 will offer you touch-optimized variations regarding Word, Exceed, PowerPoint, 1 Observe as well as Outlook and will also be pre-installed for free on telephones as well as tiny drugs operating Microsoft windows 10, as well as offered to acquire from the Microsoft windows Retailer intended for different products.

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